Educational Technology

I am currently enrolled in Concordia University’s M.A. in Educational Technology (Thesis Option).

The following is the list of courses I have taken along with what I have accomplished in each:


ETEC 660 in Winter 2012

Introduction to Educational Computing

  • Evaluated Khan Academy as a tool for learning using both personal experience and researched website categorization models.
  • In a team setting, collaboratively prepared and delivered a seminar on Online Communities which overall focused on: building and sustaining, motivating members, and learning theory implications.
  • Produced a paper that examined online communities as mediums for supportive learning in higher education environments and what implications they could hold for the future.
ETEC 702 in Winter 2012

Distance Education

  • Produced a hypothetical in-depth proposal for I.C.A.O. that detailed how to implement a distance education solution for airport transport professionals worldwide.
  • Assembled and delivered a team presentation which focused on examining the University of Phoenix on several levels: administrative, financial, teaching and learning, delivery structure, technological, and societal.
ETEC 704 in Summer 2012

Project Management

  • Prepared a Project Charter to solve a hypothetical Bombardier training problem.
  • Developed a comprehensive Project Plan that aimed to solve the clients problem as outlined in the prior Project Charter.
  • Prepared and delivered a team presentation which sought to examine the management of a cultural diverse team. Benefits and challenges were discused as well as helpful tips for project managers working with diverse teams.
ETEC 693K in Summer 2012

Consulting in Educational Technology

  • Interviewed a professional performance consultant in order to receive a holistic understanding of what it means to be a performance consultant.
  • Examined a case around a fictional company, Airflow Airways, and worked with a team to identify performance gaps and offer suitable recommendations.
  • Prepared and delivered a team presentation proposing a performance solution package for Airflow Airways.
ETEC 712 in Fall 2012 / Winter 2013

Human Performance Technology

  • Assembled a comprehensive needs assessment in order to discover a performance issue that could be resolved using an instructional approach.
  • Produced a detailed document that includes storyboards and production information for creating an instructional learning program as identified in the needs assessment.
  • Produced a short demo of the proposed learning program as described in the learning materials.
  • Re-examined the previously identified performance problem and produced a performance needs assessment that focused on addressing non-training related gaps.
  • Based on the analysis of the performance needs assessment, produced a high level design outlining a set of interventions.
  • Produced a detailed design for a selected intervention as first described in the high level design.
ETEC 669 in Winter 2013

Web-Based Design & Development

  • Designed and developed an HTML5 based instructional website focusing on web development.
  • Produced a technical report evaluating Khan Academy on levels of: usability, accessibility (conformity to Section 508), layout design and content flow.
  • Designed and developed a Flash learning program focusing on computer hardware from scratch using ActionScript 3.
  • Designed and developed a stand-alone learning program using Adobe Captivate for an e-course on Java programming.
ETEC 635 in Summer 2013

Principles of Message Design

  • Designed and developed a message for eating healthier via a fictional website, GoodFoods. The goal of the message was to promote the idea that eating healthy foods is sustainable, good for the future, and changing your eating habits is easier with the support of friends.
ETEC 640 in Fall 2013

Research Methods I

  • Developed an understanding of quantitative and qualitative analysis by conducting three research critiques.
  • Conducted a research re-design with a focus on quantitative methodology. The re-design was aimed at addressing weaknesses in a given research article, especially on factors such as reliability, internal/external validity and methods.
ETEC 641 in Winter 2014

Research Methods II

  • Conducted two quantitative analyses with focus on linear regression statistical models.
  • Conducted a qualitative analysis on fictional data using a systematic form of grounded theory in order to determine teacher perceptions of integrating technology into the classroom.
ETEC 613 in Winter 2014

Learning Theories

  • Conducted a meta-analysis with high focus on statistical analysis which addressed: the Effects of Collaborative Learning versus Classroom-Based Teacher Led Instruction on Academic Achievement in Post-Secondary Education
ETEC 795 in Summer/Fall 2014

Thesis Proposal

  • Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Robert M. Bernard
    Committee: Dr. Richard Schmid and Dr. Ann-Louise Davidson
  • Thesis Title: The Effect of Extra-Curricular Involvement on CEGEP Student Success