Links & Resources

Freelance & Volunteer Web Design/Development Projects

  • Graduate Symposium in the Department of Education | 2014 | 2015

    Graduate symposium held annually where students in the department of education at Concordia University are welcomed to showcase their research, projects and more.

  • ISPI Montreal Chapter

    Re-emerged Montreal chapter of The International Society for Performance Improvement.

  • Auto-Cite Body Shop

    My fathers automobile repair business.

  • Dr. Dennis Kalogeropoulos

    Dr. Kalogeropoulos is a Professional Psychologist & Lecturer at Concordia University.

  • Clinic Psychologia

    Psychological Clinic offering a wide-range of services for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.

Useful Tools

  • Prezi

    Nifty presentation tool that is based off of a zoomable canvas idea.

  • Zotoro

    Great free tool for organizing documents and easily creating citations, works cited, and more.

  • LucidChart

    Excellent tool (free version available) for creating a range of multi-purpose diagrams.

  • Balsamiq

    Powerful tool for creating wireframes/mockup designs for websites.

  • CMap Tools

    Free tool that allows you to build simple and effective concept maps.

  • Trello

    Easy to use tool for collaborative project planning and organization. Suitable for small to medium sized projects.

  • Toggl

    Neat time tracking tool.

Other Webites

  • Concordia University

    The University I am currently attending for my graduate studies & currently working for.

  • Vanier College

    The College I attended for my DEC & currently working for.

  • Gizmodo

    One of my favorite sites to read about some of the latest gizmos out there.

  • DeviantART – ArchaicDarkness

    My personal DeviantART profile featuring some of photography, web works & graphics.

  • IGN

    Features information, pictures and trailers from both upcoming and already released games.

  • W3Schools

    Covers a wide range of web topics with easy to learn tutorials on xHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySql, XML, etc.