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Say NO to the proposal for abolishing CEGEPs

Dear Qu├ębec Liberal youth members: I do not normally find myself using the blog portion of my site much however, I felt it was important for me to address your proposal that would aim to abolish our unique CEGEP system … Continue reading

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What I learnt from my first start-up

In 2011, three partners and I set out to create our own start-up company. Some two years later, we closed the doors to that same company because of internal disagreements that could not be resolved in ways that we would … Continue reading

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My Guiding Principles

This past summer, I took a course on Consulting in Educational Technology as part of my graduate degree. At the beginning of the course, we spoke about our expectations, what we wanted to take away by the end of the … Continue reading

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Tutor With Me Launches Beta!

After being in development for over a year, it is with great pleasure that I announce that my start-up company: Tutor With Me, has officially opened to the public! Some background In 2011, Tutor With Me was founded by four … Continue reading

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Evaluating Khan Academy as a platform for learning

As we continue our move towards a progressively more technological world, education has seen a shift from traditional learning paradigms to new models such as internet-based distance education, computer-assisted learning, and many more. A plethora of educational websites and software … Continue reading

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Brand New!

When I started off as a T.A. a few years ago, it quickly became apparent to me that I should probably start up some sort of website which I could use to deliver resources to my students. When I found … Continue reading

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